Week 3 ~ Opening the Pathways
of Communication 

1 ~ Opening Possibility Within our

      Animal Kin Relationships

2 ~ Building Relationship through

      Prayers & Offerings

3 ~ Opening the Pathways

     of Communication

4 ~ Feathers, Bones, Furs & Hides

5 ~ Our Living Animal Kin 

6 ~ Animal Initiations 

7 ~ Animal Collaborations
      and Blessings 

8 ~ The Magic and Medicine

      of Working with Birds 

♡ The different forms of extrasensory perception, honoring your unique pathways of communication, and the different ways animals may show up in your field of awareness ♡

♡ Creating Sacred and Safe Space and Containment for Spirit Realm Communication 

♡ Accessing non-ordinary states of consciousness 

Continuing video above... 

~  Link for our second Live Call on January 8 ~



This week we are opening the psychic channels of perception to be able to communicate directly with the animal realms.

~ Different forms of psychic perception ~

✨Clairvoyance ~ visual, seeing images & scenes

✨Clairaudience ~ auditory, hearings sounds and voices
✨ Clairsentience ~ feeling through the body, "gut feeling" kinesthetic

✨Claircognizance ~ clear and direct knowing, an immediate download

and more... 

"Extrasensory perception is the ability to discern objectively verifiable information without using the five physical senses. Think of it as a direct transfer of information between consciousness and the environment. Some people refer to it as the sixth sense."

~ Curiosity ~

What forms of extrasensory perception do you already connect to?

What forms do you not connect to? 

What ways do you receive messages?