~ Abigail Hinds ~


I support people to open, unblock and root into their pelvis and heart, to become more comfortable and anchored in their own body, to freely and authentically express their unique brilliance, creativity and vitality.


I offer hands-on and energetic pelvic and breast healing, energetic re-callibrations and ritual containers

to bring people home to the wisdom of their body.

My offerings support the reclamation of our sensual soul connection to the earth, the cosmos, our indigenous roots

and future visions ~ through the temple of our bodies. 


The medicine I share is intended to support you in unwinding from oppressive programing and trauma

that disconnects us from source and distorts our authentic radiant expression.

I am devoted to helping people remember who they truly are and freely express the brilliance of their unique being.

I believe in your voice and the medicine you carry inside.


My work supports  ( ( ( F E R T I L I T Y ) ) ) and juicy pulsing vitality.

Breasts that are alive, attuned and offering their flow of loving nourishment to the world & future generations.

Wombs that are rooted in the earth and activated with the potent codes of visions for the future.

The WOMB and HEART in embodied conversation and relationship.

Some may desire to conceive an actual child and want to prepare their womb and heart for conception.

Or some may be metaphorically birthing something into being ~ like a project, a relationship, a piece of art, a business.


As truly, we are constantly birthing things into being through these creative centers. 

Our life and creations can become even more aligned and activated and supportive of a thriving earth,

when we are connected to the deep body intelligence of our pelvis & heart. 



I am an ambassador for the unseen realms, nature beings and creatures of this earth ~ standing in the honoring of all life and acknowledgement of our multi-dimensional existence. I walk rooted in my earth ancestry, antenna beaming up to my star family, learning and remembering how to live in honoring reciprocal relationship with all of creation. I bring a holistic, intuitive approach

honoring our whole selves and our interconnectedness with the sacred web of life.


I am a water bearer ~ tending to the life giving essence of this mysterious element, and supporting people to remember the magic of their waters.
I help people find true health in hydration and fulfillment
through living water.  

After a deep soul initiation and dolphin swims on the Big Island of Hawaii, I began working with the Humpback Whale Tribes.

I am a voice for the Whales ~ channeling their songs and messages to bring through their sound transmissions, ancient wisdom, and healing. All calling us into loving action and to re-member who we truly are.

The animal tribes I walk with are my family.

I am a song channel for many animals, singing their medicine

and transmissions into this realm for ancient wisdom and healing.


 I collaborate with the whales and birds and big cats, among others…  to offer sound medicine re-calibrations,

womb healing, water prayers & rituals. 

I am an intuitive artist and weaver, channeling magic, songs, prayers and the creative spirit of life into

sacred jewelry and medicine tools as prayers for healing.

I work with the winged ones in creating feather wands and fans as a way to collaborate with the birds for healing. 


I am currently living in northern Washington state ~ on Nooksack and Lummi land. 

I call the forests and rivers of these lands my home at the moment.

I offer in-person events and sessions in the Bellingham & Whatcom County area.


My work is a living prayer that we live in harmonic resonance with each other and all of creation,

embodied in our sovereign divinity,  empowered to radiate the unique and magical medicine of our soul

to this web in reverence, beauty, truth and love. 

~ An ode to my teachers & trainings ~ 

I am a weaver at heart and much of the medicine I carry

comes from a multitude of diverse sources, woven through

the unique essence of my soul into this tapestry of offerings.


I spent much of my 20’s taking all the trainings I could get my hands on! And spend a lot of time in deep healing circles and spaces. Realizing that I didn’t learn much of true value in my "American" schooling. And that I had a lot to unlearn, unwind and re-thread together.

I am deeply grateful to all of my amazing teachers of this world

and beyond ~ for the wisdom and medicine they have cultivated,

embodied, kept alive and graciously share.


The main trainings that influence my current work are ~ ~ ~ 

~ My studies with Maria Christina Owl of Sacred Future has been one of my main teachers / mentors supporting me on this path. Much of my journey with her has been immersed in earth-based ritual, nature connection, ancestral wisdom connection, intuitive development, energy medicine, and embodied channeling. It has been a soul level initiatory journey the whole way through. I participated in her 9 month Transformational Leadership program and then apprenticed through 2 other ones. 

~ I studied Ayurvedic Medicine at the Dhyana Center in Sebastopol under DeAnna Batdorff. I did an Ayurvedic Foundations Course and studies more intensely Ayurvedic Lymphatic Bodywork & Breast Massage, and Aromatherapy. This significantly influnced me to have an elemental Ayurvedic lens for health & self-care practices of nourishment. And was the beginning and foundation of the Breast Massage I now offer. 


~ The embodiment journeying I offer is inspired by and based in teachings of Intuitive Body & Dance and the Deep Body Model® by Stefana Serafina. 

My work with Stefana deeply supported my yearning for the wildness of my feminine to have expression. To have space where my body could speak in her circles and spirals and unexplainable motions that were certainly not of the mind. She created space for me to access deep womb in my body. To let my body be free to speak from the inside. This has allowed me to walk more freely in my body ~ in my natural expression to move through life in more presence and deeply felt connection. 

~ Amanda Elo’esh has been a big sister and guide for me in the Priestess path. I journeyed through her 13 Moon Divine Feminine Initiation. This initiated me into a path of honoring the holy and embodying many facets the divine feminine. I have a special ode to the weaver creatrix archetype she helped awaken within me. Her embodiment and guidance was crucial during a rocky time of awakening in my life.  


~ For a few years of my journey, I sat in ceremony and private shamanic training with plant medicine. The healing, medicine and gifts I received from these experiences are too vast and immense to name or even put into words. Some significant pieces that greatly influence my work now is working with sound medicine and singing from my soul embodiment, tending to sacred space, working in the invisible realms, energetic hygiene, holding space for a vast diversity of experience and intensity, and walking humbly in service. 


~ I studied with Dakota Chanel in her Water Priestess Mystery School and other trainings, learning and remembering the ways of the Water Priestess and ancient water arts.


~ A magical and powerful woman, Veronica Clarke taught me the weaving technique I use in my creations. She is an epic and incredible human being, who I was very inspired by on my path. When I learned from her, it was like my hands remembered this way and I picked it up very quickly. 

 For womb healing, I began my journey many years ago with the 9 moon womb initiation through Fountain of Life.

Marya Stark’s Voice of the Womb, Stefana’s Womb Embodiment Journey, La Loba Loca’s Radically and Consciously Mxnstruating, Sage Trucano’s womb massage, and Anya’s Yoni Steaming class have all been potent influencers.

Most of my teachers I previously mentioned also incorporated teachings on the womb & sacred sexuality as part of their trainings. In addition to my trainings, I have sat in countless red tents, womb circles and womxn’s spaces where I have collected bits and pieces of womb wisdom, stories, and inspiration from these witches, healers, two-spirits, teachers and wise women from all different walks of life. Once I began my journey and realized the power of the womb ~ I dove deep into my womb path and experienced a lot of different teachers on the subject. I have also cultivated my own deep connection with this sacred womb center of mine that offers my own unique and embodied womb wisdom.


Many of my trainings, and especially my journey with Sacred Future, supported me to open to my intuitive gifts as a see-er. 

In that, I am also a student of many guides from the invisible realms as well as the animal realms, my ancestors, and elemental spirits of this earth. I work deeply with bird medicine and stone & shell people.  I learn directly from these beings as I take time to tend to them and our relationship.

In Rainbow Love ~ Abigail