~ Blessed Breasts ~

Holistic Breast Health & Embodiment 

~ Lymphatic Breast Massage  ~
A rejuvenating massage of the chest and breasts, intended to open you to your healthy flow. 

1 hour $111    ~   90 min $160

In - person currently available 

in Bellingham, Washington

email: abigail@wombweaving.com

to schedule a session

~ ​This massage supports healthy lymphatic flow in the breast & chest, which supports healthy flow for the whole body! We focus on moving, cleansing and nourishing the lymph in the breast & chest area. 

~ In these sessions we can go deep into clearing and creating change through softening scar tissue, draining cysts, and moving pain and stagnation. This can also be a more soft and gentle experience, offering nourishment and working on the more subtle and emotional realms.


~ In this session we map the terrain of your breast tissue, through an Ayurvedic elemental lens. So you can have a sense of what's going on in your breasts, if there are imbalances to tend to, and what your ‘normal’ is like. 

~ Throughout the session I share educational information about breast health and how to nourish vitality. When appropriate, I offer tools, remedies and self-care practices you can take home with you, that support balance and health of your breasts. These are tools to support change, prevent dis-ease, create more balance, and uplift your own relationship with your breasts.  

When aligned, I like to weave in sound medicine, aromatherapy, and feather blessings, to support the sacred unfolding.

Breast Massage can support ~ 


~ Breast pain and tenderness

~ releasing heaviness carried in the breasts 

~ Cysts

~ Fibroadenomas

~ mastitis

~ fibrocystic breast tissue

~ softening scar tissue

~ lumps you are curious or concerned about 

~ body shame & self hatred 

~ creating a more loving and connected relationship to your breasts 

~ support long term health and vitality of your breasts and body

~ preparing for conception and healthy pregnancy

~ healthy breastfeeding

~ breastfeeding issues 

~ muscle tension and constriction in the chest 

~ heavy breasts 

~ back pain associated with breasts 

~ congested breasts

~ a cancer diagnosis


~ Online Breast Consultation ~

Receive full access to my wisdom and extensive knowledge about breast health, to support your unique breast health journey.

This is an online offering to support those who are wanting to care for their breasts, yet cannot receive an in-person massage. 


All that is mentioned for the breast massage can be accessed here, just through consultation and me guiding you, rather than hands on touch. 


You may be experiencing breast pain you would like to heal. You may have a lump you are curious or concerned about. You may want to prepare for healthy pregnancy and breastfeeding. You may want to deepen in connection to your breasts and feminine essence. You may want to nourish the health and vitality of your heart. 


This consultation is intended to support the greatest health and nourishment of your breasts. To Live Your Breast LIfe.

1 hour $111   ~   2 hours $222


email: abigail@wombweaving.com

to schedule a session

This online session may include… 


~ Guided self-exploration journey to connect with your breasts

~ Coaching on how to do self breast massage and get to know your own terrain

~ Teachings on the lymphatic rivers ~ how they flow through the breasts ~ and how to support these vital rivers 

~ Diet and lifestyle recommendations for breast health 

~ Tools and practices for clearing and healing in the breasts 

~ Energetic and emotional tending of the breasts 


~ Venusian priestess sensual arts to activate embodied breast love

~ Ritual recommendation for deeper clearing and connection 

~ Personalized self-care rituals, resources and tools to take home with you to support long term breast health and prevent disease


I weave elements of sound medicine, energy healing, and animal medicine throughout to support your sacred unfolding.

My qualifications on Breast Health & Massage... 

My foundation training for the Breast Massage and Holistic Health I offer has come from my teacher DeAnna Batdorff of the Dhyana Center. I trained under her in Ayurvedic Medicine Foundations and specialized in Ayurvedic Lymphatic Bodywork and Breast Massage. I apprenticed under her at the Women's Herbal Symposium in California and did many hours of apprenticeship / supervised practice of Ayurvedic Bodywork and Breast Massage. This has been my foundation to offer a therapeutic, elemental Ayurvedic approach to breast health & care practices. I have been offering private breast massage sessions for a few years now, and I have massaged hundreds of women, men and queer folks’ breasts, which has given me a lot of hands on experience and learning. I offered Breast Massage with the Areola Tent at Spirit Weavers gathering for both sessions in 2018, 2019, and will be in this year in 2022.


I am also trained in the Spurgeon Method of Breast Massage that is more specialized in working with women who have had, are going through, or recovering from breast cancer.


Though my main lineage for this work is Ayurvedic ~ I know these feminine care practices are ancient and from many places in the world, as those who worked in the realms of the female body knew these wisdom ways of nourishment. My teacher DeAnna has evolved these for the modern times though, as we are likely dealing with more breast issues and imbalance than ever before in history. I also incorporate Energy Medicine tools, Venusian Priestess Arts and herbalism into the breast work I offer and teach, as I have found these practices incredibly important and supportive for the emotional, spiritual, and sensual realms of breast health.


The embodiment / somatic journeys on breast connection that I offer are from my extensive training with Stefana Serafina and her Deep Body and Intuitive Dance models.


♡ I invite you to nurture yourself in tender spacious love ♡

~ The Areola ~ 

Holistic Breast Massage & Breast Care for Women's Gatherings 
We are a group of women committed to the path of empowerment and education on holistic breast health, one boobie at a time.

We set up a tent and offer free breast checks / breast massage at women's gatherings. 

We will be at Spirit Weavers Gathering 2022

We also offer Breast Health Education at events. I will be teaching a workshop on Embodied Breast Health this year

Check out the links for more info ~ ~ ~ 

Please reach out if you would like to host us at your
event or gathering 

Some deeper thoughts on lumps and cancer… 

This is a nuanced and sensitive subject that I approach with great care. It feels important to mention here as it is a big subject in the realm of breast health and breast care. There is also so much that is misunderstood within the realms of breast health. I feel a passion and inspiration to share this wisdom and medicine to offer people alternatives to the often invasive and limited methods of the modern medical system. 


My orientation for offering this work is to support healthy nourishment of the breasts.


I do not orient from a fear based place of wanting to prevent getting cancer. Though I do believe this kind of care and attention to the breasts would prevent a lot of cancer from developing. And, breast cancer is a reality for many that deserves attention and care. 

Lumps are very common in the breast tissue, and often times they are simply part of what healthy breast tissue feels like.! They can also commonly be something like a cyst or congested lymph node, which is a sign of imbalance that can be addressed and worked with. In the rare case, they may be an actual tumor that needs further investigating. 

Many are afraid to touch their breasts or get care for them because they are afraid of what they may find, or what these lumps may mean. In all cases, being willing to investigate and receive care is the best solution. 

Getting to know our own terrain, and addressing imbalances early is also one of the best forms of long term care and disease prevention we have. 

Breast Massage is a very supportive treatment for navigating ANY kind of lumps in the breasts. If you are unsure what kind of lump you have, we can investigate through touch and sensation to get more information. 


If it is a benign lump such as a cyst or congestion, we can work it, massage it, and clear the lymph pathways around it to help it soften and clear out. 


The breasts are incredibly fluid in nature. I am often in awe of the malleability and responsiveness of the breast tissue and how much can change through loving touch. 

So many times, I have witnessed a big hard lump soften and dissolve after less than 10 minutes of massaging and pumping it. I have drained many cysts from my own breasts and others. Changing the terrain of our breasts and lumps is very possible. 


Not all lumps shift so quickly of course… Sometimes a cyst may need to be worked for a whole month before it changes. Or sometimes dietary and lifestyle shifts are necessary to have a lump go away. 


I believe that many issues in the breasts can be addressed and healed through massage and natural dietary and lifestyle shifts. I believe there are natural remedies for many instances where modern medicine would say surgery is needed. One of the main remedies for clearing cysts in the modern medical model is to inject a needle and drain it, or take it out through surgery! They are not even aware that you could likely massage it out and drain it through clearing the lymph system. These are overly invasive from my point of view, and do not address the root cause, but the symptom, so it would also not prevent the issue from popping up again.


There are more gentle and natural ways to address these issues, and regular massage is one of the most helpful. 

In the rare case, a lump is potentially cancerous and needs further investigation. There are distinct signs and sensations to indicate that a lump could be a cancerous tumor. If this is the case, it is best to find it as early as possible so it can be treated. 


In my practice of touching hundreds of breasts, and through my training, I have sensitized my hands and skills to recognize and distinguish what different lumps can be. I will share with you what I discover, and of course if there is anything I believe needs further investigation. Again, this is rare. Though important to be aware of and mention. 

To be clear ~ I am not a 100% effective diagnostic tool. I am not here to diagnose you with anything actually, or to tell you that you are perfectly clear and free. What I do, is bring my deep experience and training in the terrain of the breast tissue. Through my fingers, our conversing, and your experience, I can share my feeling and thoughts about what is going on in your breasts, and how to best care for them to nourish health and vitality. 


If there is a cancerous tumor, or a cancer diagnosis, breast massage is still an amazing treatment to support this journey. With tumors, we would not work directly on them, but support the area around, opening the lymph pathways all around the breast and chest area, which is incredibly supportive for the body to heal. 


If you are undergoing any kind of recovery treatment such as radiation or surgery, massage is also very supportive before and after going into any kind of procedure, and often yields better results. For post surgery recovery, you may have to wait a few weeks until there is enough healing to do massage.


I have training in a specific breast massage technique called the Spurgeon method which specializes in breast massage for women who have cancer and are or have undergone radiation and surgery.

Bless our Breasts 
Bless their health and fluidity
May they receive deep nourishment and love