Lymphatic Breast Massage

Breast ~ Heart Embodiment 

Lymphatic Breast Massage 

These sessions offer a deeply nourishing and empowering 

Ayurvedic Lymphatic Breast Massage to open your healthy flow. 

Focused on moving, cleansing and nourishing the lymph and emotions in the breast & chest area. We'll map the tissues of your breast and lymph so you know what's going on with them and how to give your breasts the touch and care they need to nourish health and vitality.

This is an empowering session where I share information, tools, remedies and self-care practices with you to support change, prevent dis-eases, create more balance and uplift your own relationship with your breasts. 


In these sessions we can go deep into clearing & creating change working with guashas, cupping and essential oils to soften scar tissue, drain cysts, and move stagnation & pain. This can also be a more soft and gentle session, offering nourishment and working on the more subtle realms.  

45 min ~ one hour sessions include Ayurvedic health counseling, aromatherapy, and empowering education about breast health and care.

When it is called for, I like to incorporate elements of sound medicine, plant allies, feather blessings and Whale Transmissions. 

one hour session $108

*please reach out if cost is an issue

as I can be open to trade & reduced price*

The breasts and chest can be one of the most tender and under cared for areas of our body. We hold stagnation, heartbreak, vulnerability, unexpressed emotions and unspoken words in the channels of our breasts. It is my great honor to be able to offer this support and nourishment to this area. 

Breast ~ Heart Healing Session

This journey includes the breast massage and extends our time together to offer more space for processing whatever has been stored in the heart and breasts. I offer counseling, energy medicine, and a loving compassionate space to witness and mirror you in whatever arises. This is an opportunity to go deeper into your process of healing around your relationship to your breasts and receive support for whatever emotions, experiences and of trials of the heart may be stored in the tissues of the breasts. 

90 minutes ~ $144 

Art by Meagan Segal

Breast - Heart Embodiment

Personal Ceremony  

I invite you to a ceremony designed to connect, heal, clear, re-vitalize and up-level your

Embodied Breast-Health & Heart-Connection.

If you have been feeling the call to up-level your self care and body connection in a very real practical way that truly frees up and re-centers your body, mind and heart please consider giving yourself this LOVE gift!

This afternoon C E R E M O N Y will include...

♡ Partaking in the healing heart sacrament of

Mama C A C A O

♡ Counsel of the heart ~ speaking to what is alive in your heart and breast channels,

what wants to be witnessed and worked with and creating a ritual flow that supports your greatest healing,

weaving new ways of relating to your breasts that is empowering, nourishing and connective.

♡ Teachings on the lymphatic system in the breasts and how these vital rivers flow through our chests,

affecting our health and emotional body and how we can tend to them

for sustainable health and vitality.

♡ Guided embodied journey of breast heart connection (discovering~ touching with tenderness, presence, curiosity, play ~ moving through pain stagnation and freeing up energy) renewing your personal relationship with this area.


♡ Nourishing Lymphatic Breast Massage 

♡ Energy Medicine to support healing, clearing & embodiment 

♡ Anointing & Heart/Breast Reclamation Ritual


♡ Personalized self-care rituals, resources and tools to take home with you


Let's be real, mostly our breasts are either sexualized or they are a tool for feeding.

Often resulting in breast pain/tenderness, cysts, emotional stagnation & confusion, holding back truths and blocked throat/voice, trying to get love/attention/ worthiness/validation outside of ourselves. 

This can also cause closing of our cervix ~ womb ~ vagina! 

Reclaiming and tending this area of the body is G O L D !!!!!

It frees up our emotional energy, our V I T A L flow and supports us to

walk embodied in our sovereignty, truth and love.

Our heart & breasts are also the portal to opening the cervix ~ womb ~ yoni and is 

deeply connected to our ability to root ourselves through our cervix, transform trauma, 

and live in pleasure, abundance and birthing our deepest dreams & desires.

I invite you  to reclaim and nurture yourself in tender spacious love.

3-4 hours $333 

We can journey at my beautiful sanctuary home in Occidental or I can come to you anywhere in the Bay area 

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