~ Whale Womb Healing ~

A ceremonial journey into your womb space for healing, clearing, and activation. 

90 minutes ~ $144     on Zoom 

available in-person in Bellingham, WA

to schedule a session please email: 


These sessions are a very special collaboration between me and the whales to support the activation of your womb space as a

( ( ( S A N C T U A R Y ) ) ) of creation. 


This is an internal journey, where I guide you into a sacred space deep within your womb. Here you get to explore what is alive and moving within this space. You can receive wisdom, messages and clarity from the voice of your womb. The whales come in at some point to offer their healing medicine through sound frequency transmission and spirit realm support. 

This is held in a loving container of protection and grace. 


There may be guidance that comes through for further integration and healing. Sometimes specific rituals, practices (like yoni steaming), or flowers / plants may be recommended as support for your womb tending journey.


So you can nourish your womb space as a temple of love.

Tending the Temple 
of the most Holy place within 
Center of Creation 

This session can support ~ ~ ~ 


~ clearing the womb of past lovers 

~ cord removal in the womb 

~ cleansing discordant and stagnant energy 


~ ritual healing & completing of past abortion or miscarriage 

~ awaking more aliveness in your womb  


~ preparing your womb space for conscious conception 

~ preparing your womb space for a loving partner 

~ enhancing fertility 


~ feeling more embodied & rooted & juicy in your pelvis 


~ receiving guidance directly from your womb

~ receiving healing and support from the whales 


~ connect to your womb guardians 

~ connect with animal guides, spirit guides and benevolent ancestors


Our womb ~ our root ~ is the source of our creative power. 


Just like we energetically cleanse a space with plant smoke, our womb spaces need this energetic hygiene & upkeep. 


We also travel here to seed the beautiful prayers and energies

that we want to see grow and blossom.

More on the Whale Womb Space.... 

I call it Whale Womb Space

 the frequency they bring ~ the deep oceanic 

slow flowing movements of

womb consciousness. 


The high beam star light sounds of crystalline ancestors. 


Full spectrum rainbow medicine of ancient soul remembering. 


The whales are womb tenders. They are water benders. 

They can help to clear blockages and move stuck places.

They open up more FLOW in a loving yet powerful way.

They support soul ~ level remembering of our magic. 

What it truly means to be alive at this time. 

 Activation of why we came here.


All with gigantic whale heart love. 


They LOVE working within the primordial space of womb consciousness.

When I say the whales are collaborating with me for these sessions,

they are truly there as healers alongside me, supporting your journey. 


Their spirit is invoked to assist within all dimensions of healing. 


The whales may bring through specific guidance for

your womb path and unique journey.


You may see their eyes, or feel them spiraling around you.  

You may feeeeeeel their loving presence. 


When the whales first came to me, after they introduced themselves they said “sing into the wombs”. It took me a very long time before I knew what they meant and was able to do so, but their intention in collaborating with me was clear from the beginning. 


They proposed ~ you bring your womb healing medicine,

and we will help activate the temple spaces.


And so Whale Womb Healing was birthed.

A very special collaboration of our medicine to help you access

this oceanic womb space within you. 


Enlivening the womb space as a sanctuary that is supportive

of all you are creating in your life.

Igniting a holy fire of love that is potent enough

to destroy what is not for life. 


The sacred and eternal cycling of life and death 

Held within your holy vessel of creation.