~ Whale Womb Weaving Sessions ~


These sessions are a very special collaboration between me and the whales to


support the activation of your womb space as a

( ( ( S A N C T U A R Y ) ) )

that truly supports your thriving. 


The womb is our creative and sexual center. It is our place of magnetism where we attract much of what we experience in our life. Our womb space is also our center of emotional connection and ties to others.


Out of balance, when this center is blocked or shut down we can experience lack of intimacy in relationships, inability to receive pleasure, scarcity, not enough money or love flowing, and challenge in creating a life that is juicy and fulfilling.


When this center is too open and without clear boundaries we can experience excessive predatory energies coming our way, confusion & co-dependncy in relationships, and giving away our sexual or creative energy to get love, acceptance and approval. 


If you live on planet earth right now and have a womb, you most likely experience programming, traumas, relationships and environments that work to distort the balance and health of this space.

~ Our wombs need regular tending and care ~

This session is an offering to support the balance of this holy place. 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 


This is a guided journey into a sacred space within your womb center. 


We travel here to LISTEN and receive direct guidance and gnosis from your womb. Listening to the messages and energies that are alive here

~ what wants to be seen and communicated?

We may connect with your womb guardians or spirit guides

who have wisdom and guidance to support you on your path. 


We travel here to clear any frequencies or energies that are not serving your highest expression and the prayers you are calling in.

This could look like cord removal from past lovers or parents.

This could look like clearing ancestral imprints, or resolving past life traumas.

It could look like simply cleansing out build up energies

or gunk from your daily life.

Just like we energetically cleanse a space with plant smoke, our womb spaces need this energetic hygiene & upkeep. 


We also travel here to seed the prayers and energies

that you want to see grow and blossom.

You have the spaciousness and support to make this space

feel like a temple, a beautiful garden sanctuary

that is supportive and enlivening to your being.

Often times people don’t want to leave this space once we have activated it! 

✨ This is Temple Tending as I like to call it ✨

Uplifting the womb space into a SANCTUARY that is radiant and supportive of all you are creating in your life. 

Each session is unique and its own adventure.


The whales come in at some point to offer their healing medicine through

sound frequency transmission and spirit realm support. 

The whales are womb tenders. They are water benders. 

They can help to clear blockages and move stuck places.

They open up more FLOW in a loving yet powerful way.

They support soul level remembering of our magic and activation of our power.

All with deep love and massive support. 


Often the whales bring through specific guidance for your womb path and life. 


There may be guidance that comes through to support the continued

integration of your womb temple tending in daily life.

I may suggest practices like yoni steaming, self-love rituals,

or specific flower essences.

Supporting you to nourish your womb space as a temple of love. 


I truly love offering my gifts in this way,

supporting folks to connect to their womb temple as a SANCTUARY

space that is nourishing and life-giving.

I feel the entire womb field of the collective uplifted and supported

through each of us doing this internal tending. 


These sessions are over Zoom or phone.

In person available currently in Northern Washington 


✨ Exchange is $144 for 90 minutes✨


Reach out directly to schedule a session with me :) 



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photo by @templeofyou