Whale Medicine

Blessed Whale Family! These gigantic sea creatures have incredible wisdom to share with us at this time. They are the ancient memory keepers of this earth who sing their healing songs of love hrough the waters of life as they travel across the seas. They feel ALL of humanity and all we are moving through. Their gigantic hearts love us deeply and they are working alongside us in this collective awakening. Their healing sound frequencies and songs help keep the waters clear and transmit their magical medicine, sharing their wisdom secrets of how to walk in a good way with this earth and all of creation. 

These blessed creatures also need our help and support as their life is threatened by the destruction happening on earth and they are still being disrespectfully hunted in many places. They call for us to wake up! to loving action and show all of creation how much we care about this precious life on earth. To live from the ecstatic beauty and magic of our souls, sharing our unique medicine to do our part in awakening and healing the earth. 




After a deep soul initiation and dolphin swims on the Big Island of Hawaii, Abigail began working with the Humpback Whale Tribes (as they call themselves), channeling their songs and receiving messages and healing guidance from them. These allies bring through vocal transmissions as healing frequencies sung through the waters of her womb, sharing their ancient wisdom, offering healing, and calling us into loving action. Abigail is a voice for the whales, sharing their loving transmissions and messages for personal and collective healing and awakening to soul purpose.

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~ Whale Transmissions for Awakening Humanity ~  

The intention for this group is to be a space to share about Whale Medicine ~ to share insights, wisdom, guidance from the whales, whale pictures, experiences, dreams, water magic, organizations working to clean and protect the waters, and whatever else is in resonance with whale medicine. I feel the whales are speaking to and through many of us at this time to help us remember who we are and why we came here, to help us awaken to the full magic and radiance of our soul’s truth. Deep sea bow of gratitude to all of the whales, to their gigantic hearts and all they do to guide and support us.

I look forward to sharing with you 


~ Whale Womb Weaving YouTube Channel ~

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Where I share weekly videos of Water Prayers,

Water Wisdom, and Whale Transmissions. 


Interested in a personal whale transmission?


For these sessions, I invite the humpback whale tribes to bring through a personal healing transmission just for you. They sing their healing vibrations and messages through me. 

This is a 18 or so minute transmission that I record and send to you as an audio. When it comes through, I include any interpretations or guidance I receive from the whales or additional practices and suggestions for healing and integration. 

Exchange is $33


Please reach out through contact to schedule!